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KWTV-TV improves connections with sister station

improves connections
with sister station

Compared with many digital transformations and complete station overhauls, the system upgrade for KWTV in Oklahoma City is a relatively short story. But the impact of the system upgrade is significant considering the implications and potentials of the convergence of broadcast systems and IP technology.

KWTV and its sister station, KOTV, in Tulsa were co-producing two sports programs and needed a new environment for creating high quality programming. Professional Communications Systems (PCS) was chosen to integrate a server-based commercial playback system that operates under automation control and a new digital intercom system that would provide two-way communication using IP.

One problem encountered involved tying-in the intercom platforms to the WAN connecting the stations. The solution was provided, in part, by deploying a Trilogy Mercury IP-based intercom system to integrate KWTV’s Commander matrix intercom with KOTV’s existing RTS Adam system.

There were some anticipated challenges. And, of course, there were challenges manifested that could not have been anticipated, due to the newness of the technology being implemented. But overall, the project was a success, as both stations are now capable of video, audio and intercom communication over a DS3 line. Seven duplex audio communication trunk lines provide real-time communication among TDs, directors, producers and on-air talent.

Design Team
Rob Krier, VP and general mgr.
Julie Cameron, dir. of engineering
Don Linquist, maint. tech.

Professional Communications Systems:
Larry Stephen, sales and project support
Glenn Thomason, dir. of engineering
Clay Kwitkowski, installation tech.
Bill Blush, VP, sales
Equipment List
Trilogy: Commander intercom system, Mercury IP intercom system
Thomson Grass Valley Profile XP video servers
Harris automation system
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