KTWU-TV Chooses NVerzion Automation Platform

SALT LAKE CITY —KTWU-TV, the PBS station in Topeka, Kansas, has deployed NVerzion’s automation system.

NVerzion's Component Level Automation System Solutions offer control over a variety of third-party equipment, including the station's video server, router, and traffic system. By providing KTWU with a flexible, scalable automation solution with advanced capabilities such as BXF traffic interface, CLASS increases workflow efficiencies, lowers operational expenses and ensures a quality on-air presentation.

The comprehensive automation system is comprised of a range of hardware and software components including: NControl router cuts-only on-air playlists, NGest professional dubbing and recording software, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, NBase SQL media database manager, NCommand machine status and control, NConvert manual and automated traffic interface, NTime time-driven record event scheduling, EMC Ethernet Machine Control, and a CPIM creative protocol interface module for the BXF traffic communications.

CLASS is built upon an open architecture, allowing KTWU to support existing key equipment in the broadcast facility, including a Harmonic Spectrum media server, Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UDS 64x64 router, and Myers ProTrack TV traffic system. By providing control for the majority of the station’s broadcast operations, CLASS speeds up the station's file-based workflow, reducing capital and operating expenses. In the future, when KTWU begins using the BXF format, NVerzion’s CPIM module will enable seamless two-way communication between traffic and automation, with real-time updates, improving internal communications and workflow efficiencies.

CLASS is based on a modular design, which will simplify future upgrades, enabling KTWU to adopt state-of-the-art technologies as they become available. KTWU is currently using CLASS to support one HD and two SD channels. However, by harnessing the scalable platform, the station can easily support additional channels and subchannels in the near future as it expands its reach.