KSNV Eases Workflow with Studer

Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV recently revamped their production facility and chose Studer to keep their 24/7 broadcast running.

The company’s OnAir 3000 console is expected to help ease the broadcasters hectic programming schedule, which features constant deadlines and six hours of live news a day.

The OnAir 3000 was chosen as an affordable alternative to a complete, studio-wide HD retrofit. It has proved to be both user-friendly and, while not selected for looks, the console reportedly attracts the most attention during KSNV studio tours.

“The OnAir 3000 was one of the final pieces in the digitalization and HD revitalization of the studio,” said KSNV Chief Engineer Mark Guralnik. “The console is user-friendly for the operators, allows us to handle our IFB for remote live shots and can be easily modified at a moment’s notice – a vital aspect of live television.”

Studer is part of the HARMAN brand of audio solutions providers.