KPIX Upgrades Comms with Clear-Com

Vitec Group brand Clear-Com was recently chosen by KPIX-TV as supplier for a new piece of communications equipment.

The San Francisco Bay Area television station purchased a combination hybrid time-division multiplexing matrix/IP server network. The package is comprised of an Eclipse Omega 5.1 digital matrix intercom system, IVC-32 32 channel IP connection card, IP-enabled control panels, E-Que card, integrated wireless CellCom system and Concert software licenses.

KPIX-TV will have the ability to create and operate within a single communcation system in the studio or in the field, with Intercom-Over-IP (IOIP) capabilities to intercom systems old and new, as well as seamless access to users through IP-enabled panels or Concert software.

When covering a live event ENG crews now simply bring a laptop loaded with Concert software and a headset, and can connect to the system via standard internet connection. And with the IVC-32 card, KPIX-TV can expand to allow more IP-enabled users without experiencing latency or quality issues.