KDDI showcases MPEG authoring and transmission for mobile and HDTV

KDDI R&D Laboratories, a division of Japan's global telecommunications company KDDI Corporation, introduced its latest MPEG authoring and transmission software for the professional and "prosumer" market at NAB2003. The company showed MPEG-based solutions for broadband, mobile and HDTV applications, including authoring software for mobile (MPEG-4) and broadband video (SMIL) content, fast MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 nonlinear editing software, a MPEG-4 based live video transmission system and MPEG watermarking software.

KDDI MPEG solutions featured at NAB2003 included ezmovie Video content encoding and authoring software for mobile applications; MPEG Edit Studio Pro ver.1.2 for nonlinear MPEG-4 and HDTV MPEG-2 editing in high quality broadband video streaming and digital TV broadcast applications, the MPEG Intelli Player, a professional MPEG-1/-2/-4 software player; QualityMeeting for high quality, error-resilient MPEG-4 based live audio/video transmission over broadband IP networks; Preview Navigator One which enables users to create and publish SMIL2.0 content for the RealOne player, with interaction, navigation and presentation functionalities; Digivits which provides integrated video transmission monitoring by automatically measuring video quality at each remote link point of transmission chains; and MPmark software which embeds a digital watermark into original video data before compression. The watermark can be detected directly from MPEG compressed bit stream without decoding for a fast detection process. An SDK is provided to allow developers to create watermark embedding/detecting software, or develop software that controls video players according to the detected watermark, or to accept video data from a content holder, embedding watermarks in it, and returning it to the holder.

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