ITV installs Leitch's CCS Navigator

ITV has chosen Leitch Technology’s Command Control System (CCS) Navigator software application to provide centralized remote control and monitoring of equipment at diverse locations across the ITV network.

The CCS Navigator supports multiple network protocols to provide configuration, control and monitoring of a system's infrastructure. Its flexible control system and intuitive user interfaces have been integrated across all of the Leitch product platforms to provide customers easier operation within Integrated Content Environments.

Ken Orrell, transmission operations manager for ITV, said the most important benefit of the Navigator is its ability to monitor the network’s entire system and automatically switch to alternative routes in the event of equipment failure. The Navigator’s user-customizable and intuitive graphical interfaces enable staff at one location to switch routers, and control and monitor frames and card functions at other locations miles away. The individual sites are linked by a dedicated BT link providing SDI video with embedded audio, plus video monitoring using MPEG-4 over IP.

With its ability to create any GUI interface and ingest bitmap and JPEG files, ITV engineers have configured the system for different operational levels including the Engineering Schematic, Basic System Schematic, Emergency Procedures and System Overview. ITV engineering’s Autocad drawing of its system was ingested into the Navigator and fault-alarm hot spots were inserted at equipment junctions. ITV's entire signal path can now be monitored at every function simply by clicking a mouse through the hot spots.

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