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IPTV operators enter honeymoon phase with customers, says Kurt Scherf

A new report from Parks Associates contends that cable television is vulnerable to potential subscriber loss due to generally low levels of customer satisfaction.

For IPTV operators looking to find new customers, that’s exceptionally good news. The Parks Associates report finds many IPTV subscribers are satisfied with their experience.

That’s interesting in light of the widely held concern over IPTV churn stemming from quality of service and quality of experience issues. But in the view of Kurt Scherf, author of the Parks Associates report, IPTV customers in the United States are happy with their IPTV providers, so much so that he describes what’s currently occurring as a honeymoon period during which subscribers simply are glad to have an alternative to cable.

Sound Off speaks with Scherf this week to discuss the report, “TV 2.0: The Consumer Perspective.” This week’s Sound Off is presented as an audio podcast.

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