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Interactive kiosk market booms to nearly $1 billion in 2006 revenues

A recent analysis from analyst and research group Frost & Sullivan finds that end users are rapidly embracing a wide range of self-service kiosk applications, driving rapid growth in revenues across many market segments. The kiosk market earned revenues of $968.9 million in 2006, and Frost & Sullivan estimates this to reach $2.67 billion in 2013.

Self-checkout, photo kiosks and other applications in the retail market segment make up the bulk of these revenues. Consumers have come to expect self-service solutions at retail, according to Frost & Sullivan research analyst Chris Rodriguez, and gradually will carry this expectation to other segments.

Kiosks, however, are competing with increasingly interactive digital signage and the proliferation of wireless devices and Internet access points. To fend off competition from rival technologies, Rodriguez says, kiosk developers must emphasize the convenience and instant gratification provided by interactive kiosks. By acting as consultants, kiosk vendors can help end users measure return on investment (ROI), project costs and recommend locations for deployment.

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