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In wake of Katrina, broadcast industry organizations pitch in

Though it’s too early to assess the long-term damage or to plan rebuilding efforts, broadcasters are getting help from support organizations as they work under temporary conditions.

SBE has set-up an initiative to match broadcasters in need with those who have the ability to help. SBE members affected by the disaster can e-mail or call 317-846-9092. Broadcasters who can supply equipment and help to their colleagues should use the same contact info.

Telos, Omnia and Axia Audio are helping broadcasters with facilities affected by Hurricane Katrina with priority technical support, troubleshooting and loaner equipment.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has $500,000 in grants available to non-commercial stations impacted by the hurricane. These funds are available immediately for emergency repairs and generator fuel. Stations can contact CPB at 202-879-9600.

In order to get essential information to victims of the hurricane as quickly as possible, the FCC’s Media Bureau has suspended FCC rules to permit non-commercial educational (NCE) radio and television stations in New Orleans to rebroadcast programming, including commercial content, received from commercial broadcast stations

Previously, NCE stations in New Orleans were prohibited from broadcasting promotional announcements or commercial matter on behalf of for-profit entities.

Also, in a joint statement, the members of the FCC said they are taking prompt action, where necessary, to provide regulatory relief to speed up restoration in the disaster area.

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