IEEE Broadcast Symposium in Washington D.C.

A look at the preliminary technical program for the IEEE Broadcast Symposium shows sessions on many of the same RF topics covered in RF Report and my RF Technology column. All but one of the sessions covers RF topics, which range from medium wave ground systems to mobile TV and data broadcasting.

The Symposium will take place Sept. 27-29 at the Hotel Washington in Washington, D.C. Preliminary session topics are IPTV (Wednesday morning); Mobile TV and Multimedia Technologies (Wednesday afternoon); Digital TV Systems and Standards (Thursday morning); Unlicensed Devices in the TV Broadcast Bands (Thursday afternoon); Distributed Transmission Systems (Friday morning) and Radio Broadcast Systems (Friday afternoon).

The Thursday afternoon session includes a paper on Advanced VSB, which was recently discussed in RF Technology. There will also be papers during the symposium on the Chinese and Brazilian DTV transmission standards.

In the past, the IEEE Broadcast Symposium has been one of the best places to learn about new broadcast RF technology. From the topics on this year's preliminary program, this year's symposium should continue that tradition.

For more information, see the 56th Annual IEEE Broadcast Symposium Web site.