IBIS: Clever Doesnât Have To Be Complicated

In concept, the fundamental principles of television are still the same: you bring material in, chop it up, play it out, and put it on the shelf. However, in today's broadcast business, accurately processing and handling a huge volume of material in a speedy manner is essential, and effective solutions either control the process from start to finish or integrate easily and seamlessly with existing systems. Systems must be economical and user-friendly, as well as reliable and flexible. Any solution, whatever the cost, is worthless if it takes forever to learn or fails when you need it most. Founded, owned, and operated by broadcasters, IBIS helps maximize resources with server-independent, scaleable modular control systems, providing a complete solution from scheduling and business management to station automation. As news and sports present their own challenges, IBIS SprinTx is specifically designed to provide a package of applications for the control of ingest, playout, editing, and media management:
*ServerLoad provides ingest of material to the server from various sources, with acquisition made from tape-based or live material using time code, EDL, crash record, or timer-based recording with full review and trim facility. ServerLoad also permits the searching, sorting, and editing of clip metadata and can delete clips÷providing housekeeping to the server in smaller systems.
*ServerPlay controls playout of material in single shot mode, block mode, or as a loop, with playlists manually created in ServerPlay or imported from another system.
*ServerMirror is responsible for the transfer of material between servers, subject to pre-defined rules.
*ServerBase tracks all media on the system and can be used to search and sort clips based on various criteria. Clip metadata can be enhanced or edited from ServerBase, making it an ideal asset management tool.
*ClipTrim is a desktop shot selection application for on-line editing, allowing users to view material on the server, select sections of interest that are placed on a timeline, and re-order and review material. It saves the final edit for finishing in an edit suite, or as an EDL. ClipTrim can also provide desktop editing of browse clips, created in parallel with ingest. Additionally, a ãscavengeä process undertaken by ServerMirror continually monitors the server for newly created material, dubbing a copy to the browse server.

At the station automation end of the transmission chain, IBIS Landscape is a powerful automation control system for the comprehensive, frame accurate control of all station facilities, with interface to scheduling and post-transmission reporting systems.

Features such as mirrored playout, master/ slave configuration, archiving interface, and near-line/on-line media management are also available, together with Vista, a comprehensive browse function, available across the range of IBIS applications.