IBC2009: Ultra High Res Coming to 'Production Village'

A new attraction to the IBC next month is a pavilion-like area called Production Village — and the village's major attraction will be ultra-high resolution TV. Exactly how far off ultra-high is in the real world is still anyone's best-guess, but it doesn't appear to be any serious marketplace threat to good old fashioned HDTV for years to come (at least outside Asia).

IBC2009 is Sept. 11-15 in Amsterdam.

Production Village (Hall 9) will feature a live demo by JVC of its new KY-F4000 real-time 4K camera. The compact unit includes one 1.25-inch CMOS image sensor (3840 x 2160) — capable of producing images four times the resolution of 1080p.

JVC plans to use a 56-inch LCD display panel at 4k with live output capabilities of HDSDI Dual Link (4:2:2/10 bit x 4 ch.), as well as DVI Single Link (4:4:4/8 bit x 4 ch.). The ultra-high res camera prototype also offers internal genlock-input HDSDI 1080 (60i/59.94i).

JVC said in a statement its unit is unique because it offers full 60/fps output with live transmission capability, while other 4K cameras on the market have been designed for motion pictures and, therefore, are processing at 24-30 fps.