IBC2009: T-Vips Demos 3D HD Transport

T-Vips demoed its “deployment-ready” stereoscopic 3D HD video transport platform at IBC2009--calling three-dimension technology currently a “major differentiator” for cinema and perhaps soon for HD television, too.

T-Vips said it begins its initial quest for enhanced 3D technology with a natural advantage since the firm pioneered video transport using digital cinema’s native codec, JPEG2000.

“The [IBC] demonstration of our JPEG2000-based video transport solutions shows the marketplace that the…transport pieces of the 3D jigsaw are available now and ready to move 3D from the lab bench to commercial reality,” according to T-Vips CTO Helge Stephansen.

The IBC demo in Amsterdam by the Olso, Norway firm consisted primarily of taking 3D content and compressing it in JPEG2000 by using T-Vips “gateways” prior to transporting it via an IP link, decoding it by a separate T-Vips video gateway, and finally viewing it on a 3D TV monitor.