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IBC2009 session to examine impact of changing media technology, viewer behavior

Changes in how people access and consume content and the technology they use to do so are transforming long-established broadcast business models, a front-burner issue at IBC2009.

On Sunday, Sept. 13, IBC2009 will present a session on these changes and how traditional media players can respond and thrive. The session, “Buy, Borrow, Share or Rent: Radical New Models for Delivering Technology and Content,” will examine the ongoing turmoil in media business models and explore possible approaches leading to a brighter, more profitable future.

Led by Mark Wilson-Dunn, VP of global sales and marketing for BT Media and Broadcast in the UK, the session will explore new content models for content production and distribution intended to address these changes. Among the topics scheduled to be discussed are software as a service, training and skills development, productivity, outsourcing and business intelligence.

Speakers will include Raj Babbar, CEO of NGEN; Robin Kroes, VP of commercial operations and corporate development at DMC/Chellomedia; and Richard Wilding, senior editing manager of Molinaire – Muppits.

According to IBC organizers, the session will include a look at the impact of commodity technology and online services and how new technology will be supplied, funded and amortized in this changing environment.