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IABM index reveals healthy growth for broadcast technology manufacturers

Sales are increasing at more than 14 percent per annum for broadcast and media technology companies worldwide, according to the latest industry index from the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM).

Sales for European companies are growing at 17 percent per annum, while their North American counterparts are increasing at 10.3 percent. The profit-to-sales ratio stands at 12 percent with European businesses leading the way as well. Large companies dominate the profit performance with a profit-to-sales ratio of 13 percent compared to smaller businesses at 3 percent.

The IABM index tracks the financial performance of more than 60 companies with total reported sales of $8.6 billion, or more than two-thirds of the global market. The index is an even balance of North America to European companies based on sales turnover.

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IABM Industry Index No. of companies included 68 Year on year sales growth (aggregate, total market) 14% Year on year sales growth (mean) 21% % of companies in profit now and 12 months ago 62% % of companies in profit now but loss making 12 months ago 16% % of companies loss making now and 12 months ago 15% % of companies loss making now but in profit 12 months ago 7% Year on year profit growth (aggregate, total market) 18% Operating profit to sales (aggregate total), latest year 12%

Statistics courtesy International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers.