IAB Releases New IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

NEW YORK—Ads are shown on a variety of devices now, so the Interactive Advertising Bureau has developed the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, featuring ads that can be adjusted to fit a variety of screen sizes and resolution capabilities. This portfolio was developed by the IAB Tech Lab.

The portfolio’s ad units integrate aspect ratio-based flexible ad sizes and incorporate the LEAN principles—lightweight, encrypted, AdChoices supported and non-invasive advertising—within mobile, display and native ad formats. The ad portfolio is based on HTML5 technology and includes guidelines for AR, VR, social media, mobile video, emoji ad messaging and 360-degree video ads.

The new ad units are based on aspect ratio and size range rather than fixed pixel sizes. These flexible sized ad units allow for ad delivery across multiple screen sizes and integration with responsive website designs.

The IAB new ad portfolio replaces all the previous creative display guidelines for mobile and desktop, including the Universal Ad Package, rich media units and other ad units’ related guidelines.