Hitachi Delivers HDTV Cameras to Alabama Public TV

Alabama Public Television (APT) has purchased three Hitachi SK-3010P HDTV cameras, which they began using in March for local television broadcasts.

Hitachi's SK-3010p series camera is a studio and field production camera that offers 720p and 1080/24p native scan video output formats. APT has gone on-air with the cameras to broadcast several, local live in-studio programs in Montgomery, including a nightly live news and public affairs program; a 30-minute weekly legislative show; and on-air membership pledge drives, which are broadcast three times a year.

The company, whose network operations are based in Birmingham with nine local PBS stations throughout the state, said the purchase is in preparation for its transition to HDTV next year.

"Our goal is to produce more local programs in HD, and the new Hitachi cameras start us on our way. We've been very pleased with the service from Hitachi. Richard Melton, a local Hitachi representative, has been working closely with us to put the cameras into our network's production system," said Harvey Wilson, assistant director of broadcast services at APT.