Hinchey Urges Amendment to Keep Political Influence Out of Public Broadcasting

Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y., chairman of the Future of American Media Caucus, and other members of that group are urging fellow lawmakers to pass an amendment to a spending bill that contains funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The amendment would bar CPB from controlling the content of public television and radio stations.

Hinchey says as CPB chairman, "Kenneth Tomlinson has taken the agency in a radical direction in which he has dictated what content is allowable on public radio and television stations that receive critical funding from CPB for their operations. Public broadcasting was designed to be nonpartisan yet Tomlinson has forced his conservative political views upon public stations."

The amendment would prevent Tomlinson from exercising any direction or distribution of public telecommunications programs and services.

Hinchey expected his amendment to reach the House floor late today (Thursday).

(Radio World)