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Helinet, Cablecam team up to deliver aerial HD shots for FOX NFL coverage

FOX uses Helinet/Cineflex's HiDEF high-definition aerial camera platform to capture images above the field for its NFL games.

This season, the FOX Sports productions of NFL games in high definition have been elevated to new heights thanks to a little help from Cablecam International and Helinet Aviation Services.

Since the beginning of the season, Cablecam International in Granada Hills, CA, has used the Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF high-definition aerial camera platform in conjunction with its Emmy-winning aerial cable system to suspend the HD camera above selected NFL games produced by FOX Sports.

Cablecam began its HD aerial NFL production at this year’s Super Bowl on CBS with a gimbled HD camera on loan from New Zealand, according to company president Jim Rodnunsky.

This season, Cablecam turned to Helinet Aviation Services for a solution, purchasing a Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF system that was in place for NFL Week One. Within the past few weeks, Cablecam has acquired a second Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF system.

To date, the Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF systems have been used during games produced by FOX Sports. The use of the high-definition aerial system will culminate this season on Feb. 6, 2005, with the high-definition production of Super Bowl XXXIX from Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, FL.

Currently, the Helinet/Cineflex HiDEF system is also in use by TNT for its NBA coverage, providing high-definition aerial images for broadcast during nine games in the first half of the season.

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