Hearst-Argyle's KC Stations Install Utah Scientific Router

KMBC/KCWE, the Hearst-Argyle television stations in Kansas City, Mo., are now using a new Utah Scientific Utah-400 routing system. The switcher was installed in connection with a relocation of the stations to a new broadcasting facility.

Hearst-Argyle selected an all-HD 288 frame, a Utah Scientific SC-4 control system and MCP-400 master control panels for the television plant. KMBC had been operating for more than 50 years in the Lyric Opera House in downtown Kansas City before the move to the new 51,000-square-foot HD facility. Utah Scientific routing equipment had been used at the old plant for a number of years.

"Here at KMBC, we had a 17-year-old AVS-1 router from Utah, which the company continued to support, even supplying parts," said Jerry Agresti, director of engineering at KMBC/KCWE. "We selected Utah because we believe in the product. I have been at this station for five years, and through previous jobs, I have a long association with Utah Scientific. The company has always been there for me."

KMBC is an ABC affiliate. KCWE is affiliated with the CW Network.