HDTV owners happier with image quality than program selection, Nielsen says

A new survey of HDTV owners from Nielsen Media Research shows a divergence of opinion when owner satisfaction with image quality is compared to the same group’s satisfaction with the amount of HD programming available.

The research, “Nielsen Media Research’s 2007 High Definition Survey,” found that 85 percent of HDTV owners ranked image quality at four or five (on a five-point scale where five was excellent and one was poor), while only 39 percent provided the same rating for programming selection.

The survey found:

ResponsePicture QualityHD Programming Selection 5 – Excellent 47.9% 11.7% 4 – Above Average 37.4% 27.5% 3 – Average 10.3% 37.6% 2 – Below Average 1.2% 13.5% 1 – Poor 2% 7.6% Don’t Know 1% 2.1%

Source: Nielsen Media Research, October 2007.

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