HDNet Brings the Stadium to Living Rooms

HDNet aired the first in a series of "Sights and Sounds" games, where sports fans get an augmented view of stadium visuals and audio, during the New Mexico State-Utah State football game Nov. 9.

"Sights and Sounds," which HDNet has tested during portions of other live sporting events, features announcer input only during opening and closing segments, end-of-quarter recaps and controversial calls. Instead, viewers will see and hear the sounds of the game and the crowd as if they were in the stadium.

Sights and Sounds also includes alternate camera angles shot from stadium seats (scoreboards, sidelines, crowds), four parabolic mics to carry sound from the field, mics on each camera to pick up crowd noise and minimal graphics, like a small scoreboard in the upper right hand corner.

Mark Cuban, president of HDNet, says that Sights and Sounds "takes the best of what the announcers have to offer and combines that with the experience of enjoying the [HD] sights and the sound of the game from a live fan's perspective."