HD viewing grows among gamers, says a new report

A new study from Ziff Davis Media showed HD viewing rose year over year among video gamers, while general weekly TV viewership declined 11 percent
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Roughly 25 percent of video gamers watched less television than last year and are expected to reduce viewing even more this year, according to Ziff Davis Media's annual "Digital Gaming in America" survey.

Significantly, among core gamers HDTV viewership rose to 18 percent in 2005 versus 7 percent last year, the study found.

The study also showed that 76.2 million people in the United States play videogames, up from 67.5 million a year ago, representing an increase of 11.4 percent. In 2005, video gamers watched 16 hours of television per week versus 18 hours per week in 2004, a 11.1 percent decline.

A total of 1558 randomly selected people were polled.

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