HD PCs: Lenovo goes 1080p with Nvidia Processor

Lenovo, a Chinese PC maker, said its newest high-scale laptop (known in the PC world as a “netbook”) coming in late summer will be the first portable unit of its kind to provide discrete graphics quality and 1080p video imaging, thanks to inclusion of Nvidia’s Ion processor.

The netbook, the IdeaPad S12, will contain about the same power as the chipset currently used in Apple's 13-inch MacBook. Lenova said its Ion-enhanced units will be built for both 1080p capabilities and to handle the requirements of popular video-gaming such as “World of Warcraft,” which is technically demanding.

With MSRP of about $500, the Lenovo said its Ion-processed netbook with a six-cell battery should provide a performance boost up to 10 times greater than today’s netbook units, but with no major jump in power consumption.

Lenovo said the S12 will be barely more than 1 inch thick and weigh less than 4 pounds.

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