HBO Max Letting Users Customize Profile Images

HBO Max avatars
(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

NEW YORK—HBO Max users can now have Batman or Wonder Woman or Bugs Bunny as their profile image, as the streaming service has announced the launch of a new feature for customizing user profile images. In addition to provided avatars, users can also upload their own photos, which HBO Max touts as a first among streaming platforms.

As of March 22—the feature will rollout across supported partners by March 26—users can either upload a photo or take a new photo on a supported tablet or mobile device. The other option is to select an avatar of a character from an HBO or HBO Max original series or a classic animated character. The image will appear across all supported platforms where the user is signed in.

There are more than 120 avatars to choose from, including characters from “Game of Thrones,” “The Sopranos,” “The Flight Attendant,” “Watchmen,” “Lovecraft Country,” “Looney Tunes,” “Sesame Street” and more. Additional characters are expected to be added for upcoming releases.

Parents can create a kids profile and set an account PIN that will manage their kids’ profile images, only allowing age-appropriate avatars to be seen.

“With the launch of customizable profile images and character avatars, we’re delivering on our promise of a bespoke experience that is tailored to each user, empowering their individual tastes and preferences,” said Sarah Lyons, executive vice president, Direct-to-Consumer Global Product Management. “This is a key step toward our vision of providing users with a platform where they can build an identity that connects them to the content they love most.”

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