Hawaiian broadcasters rely on Harmonic ProStream 1000

Maui LLC, a consortium of six broadcast stations headquartered in Oahu, HI, has deployed Harmonic’s ProStream 1000 stream processing solutions and NMX Digital Service Manager for a substantial network rebuild.

The upgrade enables the participating broadcast TV stations to transmit digital broadcast signals from Oahu to Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii over a fiber-based, high-speed data service provided by Time Warner Cable Business Class Services.

Harmonic’s system is part of the solution that replaces Maui LLC’s microwave and off-air reception network on Mount Haleakala. The system needed to be upgraded due to TV transmission that interfered with the astronomy community and equipment that threatened the surrounding habitat of indigenous bird species, including the endangered dark rump petrel seabird.

Harmonic’s ProStream 1000 is an integral component of Maui LLC’s new video delivery chain. The system converts ATSC-DTV ASI transport streams from each of the Oahu stations into IP signals; facilitates the transport of the IP streams to Maui and Hawaii via the resilient 10Gb fiber oceanic CWDM link; then reconverts the streams to ASI for transmission to subscribers.

The ProStream 1000 technology encapsulates all traffic using forward error correction to provide a high level of service quality. The entire transport system design is calculated to be less than one erred second per year and provides a return path for event backhaul and news bureau feeds that didn’t exist before the rebuild.