Harris ships HD/SD legalizer

Harris has announced the initial shipments of its new DL-860 SD and HD serial digital legalizer — a measurement device designed to eliminate the guesswork of signal legalization for both HD and SD.

The DL-860 serial digital legalizer expands upon the features of its DL-850HD serial digital legalizer. Its output format tracks the input format, and the signal can be legalized to HD, SD, RGB and/or encoded color space. CRC values are monitored and recalculated to ensure proper output values. Input equalization added to the incoming video is displayed on the front panel.

The DL-860 has a selection to pass or blank all ancillary data without any alteration except CRC correction. All limits are variable, allowing for many custom configurations to the HD Clips, SD Clips, encoded gamut and RGB gamut limits. Direct access and operation of the DL-860 is available via the backlit, front-panel LCD display as well as from the LED status indications, function selection buttons and a knob that allows easy menu navigation.

For more information, visit: www.harris.com.