Harris digital-ready Atlas transmitter offers clear upgrade path

The Atlas Analogue transmitter features a common amplification design for simple and cost-effective upgrades
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The two-cabinet Atlas Analogue system.

Harris’ Broadcast Communications Division (BCD) is currently marketing a two-cabinet higher-power Atlas Analogue system that is ideally suited to stations replacing tube transmitters with more efficient solid-state technology.

Available in power levels ranging from 2.5kW to 30kW, the system features a common amplification design, and is compact in size. In addition, its liquid-cooled design provides operational-efficient power density and a reduction in air-conditioning requirements.

All Atlas Analogue transmitters feature a fully broadband and frequency-agile solid-state architecture that minimizes maintenance procedures and allows the transmitters to work on any UHF channel. It features Harris’ DTV-660 analog/digital exciter for migration to digital and use in modern IT infrastructure. The transmitter’s IT-oriented design provides PC-based remote monitoring from anywhere.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.

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