Harmonic promotes all-on-demand at ANGA Cable 2006

Harmonic is presenting new digital video headend and broadband networking solutions at the ANGA Cable 2006 convention this week that give cable operators the flexibility and capacity to deliver a diverse range of personalized TV services.

With Harmonic's standards-based solutions, operators can improve network efficiency and scalability by expanding IP within the cable infrastructure while preserving the existing HFC network investments.

The company's demonstrations will take place at ANGA Cable, a cable industry exhibition running from May 30 through June 1 in Cologne, Germany.

Harmonic said it is using the versatility and addressability of IP to deliver solutions that are bringing an “all-on-demand” future into reach. As a result, cable operators can move to the competitive forefront with anytime, anywhere, and on any device TV services.

The company will show multi-codec and multi-service compression platforms, including next generation high-definition encoding at ultra-low bit-rates. An IP-based multichannel digital mosaic that enables visual navigation and advanced program selection will also be shown.

Harmonic will also show a bandwidth-efficient system that simultaneously encodes multiple full resolution as well as low resolution video channels that can be used for emerging applications including picture-in-picture and IP-based video to the PC.

For more information, visit www.harmonicinc.com.