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Handheld Device Antenna Improvement Reports Released

Reports on recent developments in embedded VHF/UHF antenna technology have been announced by the NAB FASTROAD (Flexible Advanced Services for Television & Radio On All Devices) technology advocacy program. This technology is seen as useful in improving reception of broadcast signals in handheld devices.

The FASTROAD group is funding research projects in the area of antenna development at both Ethertronics and The Technology Partnership. Both of these companies have developed new antenna designs for operation with both low- and high-band VHF signals, and also FM and UHF broadcast frequencies. The goal is to produce embedded antennas that provide satisfactory reception of broadcast signals in handheld viewing devices such as cell phones. FASTROAD explained that this was especially challenging due to the physically small profile of a cell phone, as well as its limited power supply capability.

The full text of both the Ethertronics report—“Embedded FM/TV Antenna System—Final Report” and The Technology Partnership’s “Broadcast Antennas for Handsets: Final Report – Executive Summary—is available, along with other new technology information, at the NAB FASTROAD Website,

Ethertronics is a San Diego, Calif.-based antenna systems company. The Technology Partnership is a technology development company that’s based in the United Kingdom.