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Hamlet delivers extra precision at IBC

UK broadcast test and measurement vendor Hamlet will be exhibiting its DigiScope DS900 at IBC2011 with a range of new features including the ability to conduct multiple simultaneous tests on up to four signals on the same display with its iScope touch control. Hamlet has compressed its platform into a more compact form, packing the four modules into a half-width 1U cabinet, with a motherboard including a multiview display of associated parameters putting the quad display on a DVI or XVGA monitor for maximum flexibility.

The modular structure of the DS900 means that the applications can be tailored to the precise requirements of the application, allowing different functions on each input of the unit. Modules are available for analogue and digital inputs, SD/HD/3G with and without eye pattern testing, and a test signal generator with measurement inputs. Confidence monitoring and audio demultiplexing is available on any input.

As well as the new DS900, Hamlet will be demonstrating its complete range of hardware and software test and measurement devices at IBC2011.