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Griffin stations focus on ENG with Fujinon lenses

KWTV Chief Photojournalist Rich Kriegel with station’s new Fujinon A18X7.6BERM SD zoom lens.

Griffin Communications stations, KWTV-TV, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, OK, and KOTV-TV, the CBS affiliate in Tulsa, OK, have each purchased ENG and EFP lenses from Fujinon to cover the local news. Together, they have bought 29 A18X7.6BERM standard-definition zoom lenses and one A13X4.5BERM SD zoom lens.

Rich Kriegel, chief photojournalist for KWTV-TV, said they like the lenses long focal length and wide focal end for shooting in tight spots. When covering hurricanes Katrina and Rita, camera operators there were able to frame close-ups of homeowners on their rooftops and wide shots of rescuers in boats next to the camera.

KWTV NEWS 9 uses its new Fujinon lenses paired with Panasonic 800 P2 cameras. The A18x7.6BERM SD zoom lens features a magnification of 18X and the widest angle 7.6mm. The focal length ranges from 7.6- to 137mm for a wider range of shooting. The A13x4.5BERM lens features magnification of up to 13x, and the widest focal length (4.5mm), with an 88.7-degree horizontal field of view. Both lens models feature an inner focus mechanism that makes them compact and lightweight.

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