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GlobeCast launches new distribution platform for cable TV

GlobeCast has announced the launch of a new satellite distribution platform for digital cable-television networks in North America on Galaxy 10R from the company’s Los Angeles broadcast center.

GlobeCast’s service uses C-Band transponder capacity on PanAmSat’s Galaxy 10R satellite, part of the Galaxy cable neighborhood of satellites. The Galaxy 10R satellite offers access to most cable head-ends in the United States, allowing cable operators to receive GlobeCast platform channels through existing downlink antennas.

GlobeCast’s digital cable multiplex platform broadcasts from its Los Angeles digital broadcast center to GlobeCast-provided capacity on the Galaxy 10R satellite. As part of the 6,000-square-foot expansion of its technical facilities in Los Angeles, GlobeCast has also increased its capacity for channel origination services, offering digital cable networks a one-stop technical solution for launching and distributing new channels.

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