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Futuresource and EBU Launch New Research Effort

LONDON: Futuresource Consulting, working with the European Broadcasting Union announced the launch of new research into the key business challenges and future opportunities for European broadcasters in an evolving market. This will be the first study of its kind within the broadcast industry, the pair said.

The results will be analyzed within the context of the wider broadcast environment to ensure a thorough and long-term understanding of the marketplace.

“There is no doubt that the broadcast industry is evolving in a number of key areas,” says Andrew Snoad of Futuresource. “From an infrastructure perspective, the move from traditional broadcast equipment towards IT solutions continues to impact. Content delivery is also facing challenges. In recent years, the number of channels has skyrocketed. Traditional viewing may be challenged by a whole host of new platforms such as smartphone, PC and tablet. However, there are many opportunities for broadcasters to exploit additional revenue streams, and this is a driving force behind the research study.”

The basic concept for the study is that EBU member broadcasters respond to requests for company-specific information, which remains confidential, and in return are given the aggregated (average) information. The EBU has called this ‘Project Fair Exchange’ for its members. The study will be conducted by Futuresource Consulting with public and commercial broadcasters across Europe and the findings will be delivered towards the end of 2011.