Funai Introducing Dual-Tuner DVR With Tru2way

Remember CableCards?

Remember CableCards? They were to allow cable subscribers to enjoy encrypted digital cable channels on TV sets or record these channels on DVRs without the need for a set-top box.

Shopping for a new DTV set, I found none of the new models included CableCard capability, although TiVO still offers a DVR that uses CableCards.

Interest in CableCards may be revived by a new technology, tru2way, which offers interactivity using a Java based software platform. Tru2way uses the CableCard to provide security, but goes much further in providing interactive content not available with the original one-way CableCard. The CableCard and tru2way technology were developed by CableLabs.

Funai has beaten TiVO in introducing a tru2way integrated dual-tuner set-top DVR. Its STB platform allows viewers to receive and record not only digital cable but NTSC and ATSC signals as well. The box was announced in May and shown at the Cable Show in New Orleans. Funai this week said it intends to mass-produce the tru2way box in the third quarter of 2009, assuming timely approval by CableLabs. Funai will be showing its tru2way box at CES in Las Vegas next month.

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