Full Power Auction Winners Named; Richland Plans North Colorado Station

Ten winning bidders in FCC Auction 64 for full power analog and DTV construction permits received news the FCC found their long form 301 and 301-DT applications acceptable for filing.

One of the winning bidders was Richland Reserve, which is associated with Richland Tower, a major provider of tower space for TV broadcasters. Richland won the license for DTV Channel 45 in Greeley, Colo., a community north of Denver.

Richland already has plans to construct a new tower south of Denver on a peak near Sedalia, but in order to meet community grade coverage requirements for Denver while protecting adjacent KWHD DTV Channel 46 in Castle Rock, the tower for the new Greeley station has to be constructed north of Denver. The current application calls for an antenna with a center of radiation 350 meters above ground level located approximately 32 km east of Greeley. An omnidirectional antenna with an effective radiated power of 943 kW is proposed. Studies show that the station puts a 41 dBu contour over much of Denver, but the 48 dBu contour misses all but the northeastern part of Denver.

Dave Denton, senior vice president of sales, marketing and development for Richland Towers said options to improve coverage into Denver are being investigated. He also said they are planning to construct the facility well before the February 2009 analog shutdown.

For additional information on Richland Towers' plans, see The Greeley Tribune's article.

Other applications filed by winners of Auction 64 include:

• Apalachicola, Fla. -- DTV Channel 3 -- Word of God Fellowship Inc.
• Derby, Kan. -- DTV Channel 46 -- Entravision Holdings LLC
• Medical Lake, Wash. -- DTV Channel 51 -- Word of God Fellowship Inc.
• Pueblo, Colo. -- NTSC Channel 48 -- Entravision Holdings LLC
• Topeka, Kan. -- NTSC Channel 22 -- Cooper Fowler Media Co.
• Duluth, Minn. -- NTSC Channel 27 -- George S. Flinn III
• Osage Beach, Mo. -- NTSC Channel 49 -- Koplar Communications International Inc.
• Bend, Ore. -- NTSC Channel 51 -- KEZI Inc.
• Jackson, Miss. -- NTSC Channel 51 -- George S. Flinn Jr.

Parties wishing to file petitions to deny the applications must submit them no later than June 9, 2006, 10 days after release of the Public Notice (DA 06-1135) announcing acceptance of the applications.