Fujinon intros new lenses for XDCAM HD camcorders

Fujinon now offers a new series of 1/2in HD lenses designed for Sony's new XDCAM HD professional disc camcorders. The three new lenses‚ the HS16x4.6ERM, XS13x3.3RM and XS17x5.5RM, are all designed to enhance the performance of Sony's PDW-510 XDCAM HD and PDW-530 XDCAM HD camcorders. Each lens offers users a choice in focal length and price that addresses a wide range of applications. While the new lenses can be used in the studio, they are specifically tailored to ENG and location production.

The HS16x4.6ERM is a high-quality HD lens with a high zoom ratio, wide angle and a built-in 2x range extender. It features a focal length range of 4.6 to 74mm (x1) and 9.2 to 148mm (x2), a size diameter and length of 95 x 240mm, and a minimum object distance of 0.40m. The lens also combines a wide angle view with a 16x zoom range and 2x extender, enabling wide latitude for a single zoom lens.

The XS13x3.3RM is a super wide-angle lens with high optical quality, designed for the production market when looking for a creative look or when shooting in tight places such as offices, automobiles and aircraft cockpits. The XS13x3.3RM is a wide angle, ENG lens featuring an over 93 degrees horizontal field of view. It has a focal length of 3.3 to 43mm, a minimum object distance of 0.30m and a maximum relative aperture of 1:1.4 (3.3 to 32mm) and 1:1.9 (43mm).

The XS17x5.5RM is a highly cost-effective, standard focal-length lens with high magnification. Its focal length is 5.5 to 94mm with a minimum object distance of 0.60m and a maximum relative aperture of 1:1.4 (5.5 to 77mm) and 1:1.7 (94mm).

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