Fujinon HD lenses, Sony XDCAM HD make quick work of ‘Dash 4 Cash’ pilot

Director of photography Jody Eldred and director Betty Thomas recently took on a strict schedule and budget while shooting “Dash 4 Cash,” a half-hour scripted comedy that pokes fun at competitive reality shows.

In “Dash 4 Cash,” a collection of dysfunctional characters team up and race across America for cash prizes. “Dash 4 Cash” will be shot in Sony’s XDCAM HD format.

The show was produced by Kelsey Grammer’s GramNet productions in association with CBS/Paramount for the CW Network. At the request of CBS Network, the crew had to keep to a tight shooting schedule. The network directed them to record the show quickly and affordably without sacrificing quality. Though “Dash 4 Cash” was completely scripted, it was shot to look and feel like a reality show, complete with the spontaneous action and rough lighting commonly found in popular reality shows. The team wrapped shooting in one week using Fujinon HS16X4.6BRM and XS13X3.BRM HD lenses mounted on Sony F350 XDCAM HD cameras. Both lenses were designed specifically to work with Sony’s XDCAM format.

The HS16x4.6ERM is a high-quality HD lens with a high zoom ratio, wide angle and a built-in 2X range extender. With a focal length range of 4.6mm-74mm (X1) and 9.2mm-148mm (X2), a size diameter and length of 95mm x 240mm and a minimum object distance of 0.40m, the HS16x4.6ERM combines a wide angle of view with a 16X zoom range and 2X extender. The XS13x3.3RM is a super wide-angle lens with high optical quality, designed for the production market when looking for a creative look or when shooting in tight places.

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