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Fujinon and Sony Gear Capture ‘Zoe Ever After’

WAYNE, N.J.—While many TV shows have gone to a more cinematic approach for shooting, BET’s new program “Zoe Ever After” chose to go old school, shooting in a single-camera studio style. To do so, director of photography Bill Sheehy utilized three Fujinon 4K Cabrio PL-mount lenses on Sony F55 large-format cameras for filming. Combining the three Sony cameras with the Fujinon lenses—25-300mm Cabrio, 19-90mm Cabrio and 14-35mm Cabrio—the show is still able to deliver a single-camera look.

Filming of "Zoe Ever After"

Designed with proprietary optical simulation software, all Cabrio lenses offer strong optical performance in the center of the image and the corners of the frame. The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding makes sure all lens data output is accurate. The zooms support Lens Data System and /i Technology metadata formats.

The 25-300mm lens has a detachable servo drive for remote control of zoom, focus and iris adjustment, providing no need for rod-mounted motors. The 19-90mm and 14-35mm lenses are used with SS-13 servo rear lens controller kits.

“Zoe Ever After” is set to premiere on BET in January.