Frezzi Energy Systems Juicebox powers up production

AbelCine has collaborated and commissioned Frezzi Energy Systems to create the Universal Juicebox 600W, a dual-voltage broadcast equipment power supply. The Universal Juicebox is specifically designed to power the AbelCine UniBob Universal Breakout Box for complete power management of all camera accessories on 2/3in and digital cinema cameras.

The Universal Juicebox was designed with the ARRI ALEXA, Sony SRW-9000PL and Phantom Flex in mind, but can also be used to power any 2/3in camera and all of their accessories, including lens controllers, lights, onboard monitors and recorders.

The Lemo-8 dual-voltage port is standard for use with the Sony F23, Sony F35 and the Panavision Genesis cameras. The additional XLR-4 and XLR-3 ports on the Universal Juicebox allow it to power a variety of 12V and 24V devices. The unit measures 4.5in x 5in x 11.75in and weighs less than 6lbs.