Fox Standardizes On Chyron AXIS

Fox Television Stations Inc. is the latest to sign on to use Chyron’s AXIS online content creation services at many Fox stations. AXIS facilitates the rapid creation of daily breaking news graphics. Because it integrates directly with multiple content providers, cycle time from creation to air is reduced and productivity enhanced. AXIS tools, designed to be intuitive, can be used by everyone from reporters to production assistants to news producers, making graphics production more efficient. With journalists and news producers retaining direct control of content and the ability to enhance any graphic look.

“The simplicity of the AXIS approach redefines the creation workflows and distribution of broadcast graphics in a multiscreen world,” said Chyron President Michael Wellesley-Wesley.

Fox Television Stations are already using numerous Chyron products such as Chyron’s graphic asset management server CAMIO, the multichannel clip and stillstore system XClyps and established HyperX graphics systems. Integration with AXIS allows Fox Television Stations to maintain total control of their on-air graphics look by fulfilling graphics at the local level within the AXIS hosted environment.

“We are delighted to welcome Fox Television Stations as the latest user of AXIS services. Our companies have had a long, collaborative history and we are pleased to help with this project,” Wellesley-Wesley said. “It is clear that our AXIS online services will play an important role in the future of graphics production — on-air and online — for newspapers, radio, pure play Internet and, of course, television broadcasters.”