FOX Sports uses Apple G5s, AJA KONA 2 for Super Bowl

At Super Bowl XXXIX, FOX Sports used a multitude of high-end broadcast gear and Apple PowerMac G5 computers to create multi-layered video packages
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FOX Sports used two Apple Power Mac G5 systems with Final Cut Pro and an uncompressed KONA 2 card in production trucks on-site in Jacksonville.

FOX Sports used Apple PowerMac G5 computers and AJA Video System’s KONA 2 video capture cards to create video packages for the recent Super Bowl in Jacksonville, FL.

KONA 2 is an uncompressed capture card for SD, HD, and dual link HD. It features uncompressed video, eigjt-channel AES and embedded audio, up/down HD/SD format conversion, and HD/SD component analog output — all on a single PCI-X card. It offers dual-monitor desktop viewing and editing with support for Apple’s Final Cut Pro RT Extreme effects.

FOX Sports used two Power Mac G5 systems with Final Cut Pro and KONA 2 in production trucks on-site in Jacksonville. The G5s were used all week to edit footage and highlight packages, and video from several sources was put into the G5s through the KONA 2 cards.

The KONA 2 card also features hardware acceleration for the new DVCProHD codec in Final Cut Pro HD. Also new is AJA’s Qrez 4:1 hardware codec for 4:1 compression at lower data rates. Because its all functionality is in KONA 2’s hardware, there is no processing load on the CPU and no latency. Qrez is useful for offline and online broadcast production.

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