Fox News Channel Upgrades With Lawo

Lawo North America Corp. has completed its follow up project with the Fox News Channel in New York.

Lawo installed one Nova73 HD router, one DALLIS frame and nine VisTool editor workstations. An existing self-op console was re-configured as a broadcast console. In the course of the upgrade, Lawo's VisTool software was installed to enable visual monitoring of the studio outputs, the console's broadcast feeds and outgoing satellite channels.

From the master workstation, Lawo said an operator can also route sources and destinations for the editor workstations. Live recording feeds, sources and destinations for the central ISDN devices, transmission signals from the rest of the facility, and the remote studios in Washington, can be also routed to other studios, editor workstations or the broadcast output.

Lawo previously supplied the Fox News Channel in New York with one self-op z4, three self-op zirkon consoles and one sound mixer's zirkonXL for use as a master control desk in 2005.