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Fox, Ericsson & Telstra Push Movies With LTE Broadcast

BARCELONA—Ericsson said that it and Telstra, along with the Fox Innovation Lab at 21st Century Fox, will debut a content delivery methodology that will “pre-position personalized, premium movie content directly onto consumer devices, with no impact to device performance or consumer data plans,” at Mobile World Congress 2017 in the fabled Catalonia city. This content-push model relies LTE-“B” for “broadcast,” a cellular standard that is said to transmit one-to-many.

“Participants will receive notifications when the latest movies that match their interests become available. The movies are pre-positioned on the consumer’s device and are available immediately for purchase or rent and play in full 1080p HD and high quality audio without interruption, both online and offline, and irrespective of network connectivity.

The pilot will kick off today, Monday, and will last for one month. A closed number of Telstra, Fox and Ericsson customers will obtain a mobile device with a trial app, giving them instant access to new release movie titles provided by Twentieth Century Fox, in HD 1080P.

This platform leverages Ericsson MediaFirst’s cloud-based media store for content processing and origin; Ericsson’s Unified Delivery Network for global content delivery; and the Ericsson MediaFirst TV end-user platform.

Per Borgklint, senior vice president, chief innovation officer and head of the Ericsson Media business unit, called the pilot program “the first service offering of its kind and an important industry milestone.”

Andrew Penn, CEO of Australian telecom, Telstra, said the platform will use“Telstra’s Media Optimized Network, including LTE-B capability to pre-position content, and therefore have limited impact on overall network traffic with little to no additional infrastructure cost.”

Hanno Basse, chief technology officer of Twentieth Century Fox and managing director of Fox Innovation Lab, adds: “Ericsson is a valued partner and has been integral to advancing the Fox Innovation Lab’s mission to develop cutting-edge mobile experiences. This pilot is the first step to developing future solutions that will see faster and easier delivery of our content right into the hands of our consumers.”