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Formula 1 World Championship uses Riedel’s Intercoms

Riedel’s Artist Intercom matrix has been adopted by the Formula 1 head organization FIA (Federation International de l’Automobile) and Formula 1 teams as the standard communication platform at all 18 Formula 1 World Championship races is used at every race to connect FIA employees, pit crews and drivers.

The system configuration is comprised of 16 Artist S nodes, approximately 50 panels.

The geographically diverse Grand Prix races occur from the beginning of March to the end of October and take place on five continents. The varied climates of the locations and difficult transport conditions require a robust communications system able to function at its optimum level in severe weather conditions — rain, extreme heat, cold and humidity.

The system configuration is comprised of 16 Artist S nodes, approximately 50 panels, a digital radio system with digital radios and analog radio repeaters with analog radios — all with MAX Headsets, and six RIFACE radio interfaces to connect digital as well as analog radio channels onto Artist.

One Artist node is placed in a weather proof rack in each pit with at least one panel connected to each node. Additionally, the teams’ internal radio signals are switched into these nodes.

Artist nodes are also used in the FIA garage and in trucks. In the race control, additional panels and a hard disk recording system as well as a data logger are connected. One panel is installed on the starting platform where signal lights are activated and the Start/Finish flags are shown.

Artist enables the teams to communicate remotely with race control and simultaneously receive information from the race director.

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