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Formosa TV Gets Playout System from Imagine

HONG KONG—Imagine Communications has announced that it is assisting Taiwanese broadcaster Formosa TV with the installation of an end-to-end playout system at the broadcaster’s new transmission control center. With the new system, Imagine reports that Formosa will have an infrastructure able to support current and future playout and distribution operations.

Making up the system is Imagine’s D-Series playout automation platform. The D-Series meets Formosa’s goal of handling eight channels that each broadcast 24/7. The system is designed to deliver frame-accurate control of high-capacity media distribution environments.

In addition, the D-Series is able to integrate with other Imagine products for a complete baseband signal-handling system. Products include a master control switcher, the Platinum VX router, and modular signal processing from the Selenio 6800+ and Selenio X100 product families.

Formosa TV’s new facility is located in Taipei.