Former FEMA Chief Fugate Praises Broadcasters

(Image credit: WFIT)

MELBOURNE, Fla.—Craig Fugate has dealt with tornadoes, hurricanes and a range of other natural disasters during his career and knows the value that broadcasters bring in those situations. In a recent blog post, he once again praised the efforts of TV and radio broadcasters as they have proven to be a vital resource in the current coronavirus pandemic.

Fugate was the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency under President Barack Obama (May 2009-January 2017), and has also served as the director of the Florida Emergency Management Division under Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Charlie Crist.

In the blog, Fugate said that broadcasters are “essential in this war against COVID-19.”

“This isn’t about being local, state or federal, this is about America, and local broadcasters are part of the American team,” Fugate said. “Broadcasters are your most reliable source for information in times like these. Broadcasters are one of you, and together, they will be there with you when COVID-19 waves its white flag. They have kept people safe in times of crisis for decades, and they won’t stop now.”

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