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For Rent: 1080p Time-Lapse Video

Denver-based said it's now offering on a rental basis a new time-lapse product that can capture video in 1080p. The EZHD High Definition Time-Lapse Video System is designed to be a turnkey scheme that allows simple creation of high-impact or other special effects 1080p HD time-lapse video.

The firm said movie studios and other users simply power up the camera and position it by using a preview Web page online. When the camera is in use, continually manages and monitors the system via a cellular link to ensure the desired footage is being captured by the client.

The company said it subsequently tapes into its proprietary HD post-processing system to smooth luminance and motion between frames to produce a higher quality video. Movies are encoded as .264 .mp4 files (and are also available on Blu-ray Disc).

The camera, with an onboard computer and high-capacity storage drive, can capture HD images on a customized schedule, and has the ability to automatically upload select images for online viewing.