Florida's WEDU Installs Omneon Server

Tampa, Fla. PBS member station WEDU has installed an Omneon Spectrum media server for ingesting and play-out of the station's local and national programming. The installation is one element of a program to rebuild the station's infrastructure.

WEDU provides three simultaneous program feeds and the new server has allowed the station to migrate from an analog infrastructure. The system integrator for the project, which included construction of a new master control room, was Tampa-based Vernick Technology.

"I'm pleased to say that we took WEDU's technology from the late 1970s into the 21st century," said Alan Vernick, president of Vernick Technology.

The Spectrum system installed by Vernick provides four standard-definition play-out channels, two SD/HD play-out channels, four SD record channels, one HD record channel, an SD prep channel and an HD prep channel. WEDU transmits both SD and HD feeds and also provides content for the Florida Knowledge Network for 12 hours each day.

"Because we have three distinct program streams that go out to our viewers, the Omneon system and archive are busy 24 hours a day," said WEDU chief engineer Frank Wolynski. It (the Spectrum system) has exceeded my expectations, and its flawless execution has allowed staff to concentrate on other things that need their attention."

The WEDU Spectrum server was installed with a storage capacity of 2 TB.