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Florical Systems: Leading The Way In TV Automation

Florical Systems supplies the television broadcast industry with high reliability automation solutions that are scalable for future growth, offer cost-reducing efficiencies, and are simple enough to be used by non-technical operations personnel. By providing powerful and reliable automation solutions that deliver a clear return on investment, Florical has become the technical leader in TV automation. It provides automation solutions to many high profile operations, including major broadcast and cable networks, commercial network affiliates, public broadcasting stations, and school systems.

Florical was founded in 1985 and has extensive experience developing realtime control systems. In 1996, it became the first company to embrace the Windows NT operating system for TV automation. It has designed and built each product from the ground up on the Windows operating system and incorporated key technologies like DCOM to greatly enhance system reliability and flexibility.

System solutions by Florical can be configured for a simple single channel or can be scaled to the needs of very large, multichannel, fully redundant operations. You can begin with a small 1- or 2-channel system, such as the System L100 or LT200, and later expand it to meet your growing needs. In larger systems, Florical automation uses a distributed machine control architecture with multiple device servers anywhere on the network.

Florical Systems has led the way in centralcasting with the first hub-spoke automation system to go on-air. The ShareCasting system by Florical is the next generation of centralcasting systems, which shares broadcast control and media sources between a hub and many regional stations. The exclusive Zero Timing technology enables Florical automation to accurately compensate for video path delays between device servers located thousands of miles apart. Now TV stations can keep their local flavor and maximize their return on investment.

The sophisticated suite of Florical automation solutions includes state-of-the-art AirBoss on-air presentation, MediaMaster third generation asset management, ShowTimer asset acquisition, and media preparation systems.

Today, Florical has all the building blocks needed to deliver solutions that can scale from a small single station to the latest multichannel and ShareCasting automation systems. We continue to innovate and create new products and solutions needed for the future of television automation.

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